Nick Mendes

They say I’ve got everything figured out
Most like this
Many many other nights
You hang on to fabricate your fable lies

Tomorrow, not everyone will fill you in
Nothing like this one
Especially in days like this

But you took the lead and you did it so well
I was ready to go there and do it myself
But it is plain to me, but it was pain to you

Manage me now
That I’m just back around to hang on
And maybe I’m obsessed
Cause everything just reminds me of you, loner
Such a hell of a feel, being struck by you

Long story nights, chasing your ghost
No one’s asking for forgiveness
Drowning this way, make it a dive
Isn’t that nice? We both know we were two
And now that we’re alone who could’ve knew?
And now that we’re alone who could’ve knew?



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