So Bad, So Bad

So Bad, So Bad

Nick Mendes

I wonder how you get so bad, so bad
So hurtfully mad
So nice So light
In crossing my sight

So bad, so bad
So hauntfully bad
Sometimes, sometimes
I want it so bad
You’ve got my number, don’t you?

I love when you get mad, get mad
I worship your head
You say, I’m there
I’m always ahead

So bad, so bad
I want it so bad
Sometimes, sometimes
I want you to spend
Like you got a hold on me

Don’t get me wrong, my Miss Sympathy
If so, I’m begging officially
I don’t know God, but for you I’d pray
If so, just say and I’m outta your way

We get so sad, so sad
So hurtfully sad, when you got another thing to do
And I got nothing at all
But sit and thinking of you

So Bad, So Bad


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