Visceral Reaction

Visceral Reaction

Nick Mendes

This physical pain that I feel in my mind
That thing just isn’t real
It rips trough my bones, and runs in my heart
I don’t know why I feel

All that I know it’s since the last time
Everything I was expecting
I couldn’t get right what it’s wrong in my mind
But I think it’s just rejecting you

This feel that I feel, it’s very much real
And I gladly accept it
But keep in mind too
I’m transitioning to a new life in my benefit

This pain in my chest and all of the rest
It feels like a lobotomy
It’s all wrong, since my breathing through nose
To my nervous biting lip

Meanwhile in my heart, there’s a viseral reaction
I wonder if it is about you
Breathe in, breath out, trying to fight this infection
Without letting the good parts loose

I wonder what if it has to do with me
What if I ain’t ready to fulfill this dream
Imagine if all this agony, muscle spasms and allergies
Has been following me since pre school

Just waiting for the right moment to get me
Just waiting for the right moment to get me

Visceral Reaction


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