You Wasn't There

You Wasn't There

Nick Mendes

The more I think about tonight
The more I think I’ll never trust again
The things I said the way I read this conversation
When you wasn’t there

Think the velocity things change
And people forgot even if they were sad
It’s not a crime to live like this
I’m only saying, I wish I was like that

If only now and than, I try to be usefull
I need something to prove for others and to myself
And I’ll be lying if I say that I don’t have the potential
To do the things I have in my net

Cause in my mind I’m some kind of a monster
Flawlessly executing everything in my head
But in reality I have so much to lose
I’m almost 22, that’s no good for my health

I took a drink, when you wasn’t there
Everything feels blue, when you wasn’t there
It was a dream I was almost there
Everyday’s Tuesday, when I’m on my back

We think a lot a like
We lack comunication, but that’s my bad
Surviving last year was hard
I know that you know it but it was so harsh
It was so harsh

Just matter of time
Before you leave me for good
I’m no longer peter pan
Live no longer wonderland

We share the same things
But somehow the shape of you
Couldn’t remind me less of me
That’s exactly what I mean

But it’s impractical to stand by my ways
So I just stand by your face
That way I don’t lose myself

Lord, if I’m trying I don’t think I deserve it
It’s pretty absurd how much I look for your help

And in reality I don’t know if you’re real
You gave me something to think
When you wasn’t there

You Wasn't There


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