zero to one

zero to one


I’ve been moving shit zero to one
Dropped a label then blew up, I know, beautifully done
Guess you don’t gotta market shit that’s truthfully sung
Still, it’s crazy just to think that we’ve only begun
So, spending all my time back in the basement

More concerned with living dreams than these lavish vacations
Ten thousand hours in my craft, keep establishing patience
I feel empowered when I rap, this ain’t average creation
This my genesis, hunger come with benеfits

I’m always unsatisfied and sharpen up my penmanship
Compеtition with myself, ego still the nemesis
There’s days I need to sit down and be humble
On some Kendrick shit, I tend to slip
Guess that’s the cost of only being human

I’m near a decade in the game, still learning like a student
My focus never been the fame, only constant improvement
And that’s why every song I drop is so consciously prudent
I’m moving into a phase of life I dreamed about

Closet, finally cleaned it out
Found a lot of passion that was stifled and just need a route
But that’s what growing up can be
Some people doubt themselves
And know that misery needs company
I’m running free

And I’m done taking advice, or stressing at night
Worried ‘bout some shit in my life
The future is bright
My technique searin’ at lights
While A-list artists tryna harvest all the lyrics I write

I keep it polite
Trust me, I done paid all my dues
Chose direction over speed so I’m okay when I lose
My queues are from a bigger picture
This life ain’t what it seems
Successful isn’t always bigger, go figure

I want a wife, kids, golden lab
Say this shit, I’m holding back
Built myself a studio, forever put my soul in rap
Thinking of the very first song I made on Holden Ave
Somehow build a future for my broken past

The Sun setting now, Gemini
Colors like vanilla sky
Rolling up my problems in this reefer for a better high
Wish that I could change the world today but I sit back inside
Probably wouldn’t happen anyway, ‘cause who the fuck am I?

zero to one


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