Prince Zuko

Chirpin’, puttin’ that work in
Catchin me Driftin’ might as well skrt in
Yeah I’m chirpin, choppin like a surgeon
Why you so briny, lookin like a gherkin (pickles!)
I’mma be chirpin, puttin that work in
Cookin that beef got heat like a furnace
I’m just chirpin, speedin and swerving
Workin that magic, got it like Merlin

I ain’t got nothing to say
I’m letting the beat do the talking (yeah)
Living on dollars and change
Or living to live in the moment (yeah)
People online call me gay
I guess I should call up my boyfriend
Really got nothing to say
Hit my line just to make an appointment

Zuko’s in the building in the penthouse
They be buzzing all around me like a dead mouse
Trippin on the fungus of a red cow
At the funeral, Zuko G is dead now (yeah yeah)
Made it out the bottom of the twitch chat
Lemme see the lighter imma hit that
Blowing in the window like I’m big bad (wolf)
Falling out the window then I hit that (oof)

Workin on makin it rain
I got a bottle of ointment
I do not know what you said
I do not get what your point is
I’d need a minute and change
To count all the old dissapointments
That would just drive me insane
Instead I be getting annointed

Hop on the beat and I pour on the flow I be making a mess on the curtains
I know that I’m corny but this is important I need to be making the music and verses
And people that heard it are crashing and burning cause they can not handle the flame that I’m burnin
The Earth in a tangent we only go forward so every morning I gotta be chirpin

Chirpin’, puttin’ that work in
Catchin me Driftin’ might as well skrt in
Chirpin’, puttin’ that work in
Catchin me Driftin’ might as well skrt in

21 strong, I’m a dummy with a mustache
Climbing out a hole, then I jump into a blood bath
See me on the road, I’m a beetle when I run pass
Try to take a lead, imma leave you with a bug rash
Space X, gay sex, gimme that musk ass
Hit me with a boogaloo, hit you with the gun stash
See the bomb dropping and you know that imma run fast
Zuko’s in the building every day, just a fun fact

Imma hit it on the breakdown

Live in the moment, right now
You could live in the moment right now
Everybody put your hands up and let it out now
Show me what you got and live it up now



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