Prince Zuko

It’s evident, Zuko is ahead of his time
Still spittin dumb fine, eloquently
Sneakin in a meaning, in between the talk of demons and the superficial treason
Of consumerism made a bit of cash but I blow it so fast
Like a gasket
Money is a mindset, Zuko lookin past that
Rather have my time spent on living like a class act
Here’s another rhyme light it up and you can pass that

Round and round and round and round we go
Found me out inside a mound of snow
Ill be walkin in between the poles
Eyes are grey I’m cruising down the road
Black and White are one and all the same
Devils advocate, I play the game
Never lost it, never went insane
From the start I felt this type of way
They think I’m distant but I’m closer than you think
I always listen to your problems like a shrink
Too much perspective when you empathize with everyone
Forbidden knowledge just a book to a librarian
I’m lost
I got too much up in my thoughts
That’s why I don’t speak my mind off the top
I gotta keep it calculated and calm
And my one and only intention
Is keeping everything in the question
Take a grain of salt with my message
That’s my one and only suggestion

Leave it to the prince of fire spitting with a meaning and I mean to inspire
Had to cut away a couple cheaters and liars
Now I’m on the road, and I’m eating down my tires
Never mind that, I be living in the present
Put me in a box, wrap me up in my contentment
Spit about murder and you’re liable to dead kids
Only thing worse is when you ain’t about your message

Less bark more bite
But what do I do when my bite is my bark
Just spitting these rhymes while I sit back in park
I’m truly unphased i’ll just bask in the light
That vitamin D, I’m floating at sea in a neon green life raft
Let the wind take me i’m feeling a light draft
People are mad cause they think I’m a shill for what’s trending not knowing I grew up in minecraft



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