Queen Omega

This one is for you, mama, mama
You have seen me through, mama, mama

I’ll write to let you know the way I feel inside
The things you did for me, oh, I just can’t hide
Swallow my pride
I remember the days that you worked late
Got to home fate, got the food on the table

Even though daddy wasn’t there
You were willing and able
Told us how to pray, to make the way
You always said we should stick together

Even through the roughest times
You promised it would be better
Mama, ma-mama, mama, mama, mama
You worked so hard
You deserve the award

My mama, mama, my mama, my mama
You are the best, and so I must confess

I wonder what would life had been
If you weren’t there
No one to show me love or even care
To enrace all my fair

But mama, you were there



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