The Call (ft Brian May)

The Call (ft Brian May)


There was a man in the street just the other day
With a tear and a hand thin long hand stretched out looking my way
Said: Your money, your sympathy, I really don’t need
What I want is you to see how my brothers bleed

Doctor, oh doctor, my world needs attention
Got sickness and poverty just too bad to mention
Got people too blind to see what’s going by
My country stored it’s wealth and now it can’t figure why
But the rest of the world wants it back now
They got no weapons so they just bug us for the crack now
You gonna stand by and let this go on indefinitely?
Let our leaders articulate our indifference with impunity?
Are you a man?
Or just a number?


Help, help, we need you
Your world needs you
Needs you to know
Needs you to sit up
Needs you to take action and say
No! This will not happen
No! We will not let this happen

No! It shall not be one law for the black, one law for the white
It shall not be one law for the man, one law for the woman
It shall not be one law for the heterosexual, one law for the homosexual
One law for the rich country, one law for the poor country
It shall be one law only
It shall be equality, equality of opportunity
Equality of healthcare, equality of power
Equality of civil rights

Are you a woman?
Or just a number?
Make the call


So people, will we let these children die
So we get less mouths to feed
Or shall we succumb them and minister to them in their hour of need
AIDS is the terror our children must fear
AIDS is the name we shudder just to hear
AIDS is the word at the back of our minds
AIDS is like no other, the threat of all mankind
AIDS is the call to tear the boundaries down
The issue we must clearly face now

Equality, equality of opportunity
Equality of healthcare
Equality of power
Equality of civil rights
Equality of all humanity

Are you a man?

This is the call

The Call (ft Brian May)


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