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    Letra "Dark does die" de The Sunday Drivers


    When the dark does die
    I still feign Im fine,
    Youre not by my side
    Im mistaken.

    Still theres dark inside
    That remains in light
    When the darkest nights
    Forever crumble.

    I can say Im alright
    I can say Im fine
    I could say that nothing matters ?

    In anothers arms,
    With anothers words,
    With anothers hands,
    Close together

    While Im all alone
    And the dark does die
    And the saddest light
    Overflies me

    Im afraid of dying
    Im afraid of light
    Afraid of every coming morning ?

    You dare to say you tried to save the situation
    The words I need to hear the words you didnt mention

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