The Prophecy

The Prophecy

Up In Smoke

This worlds mine for the taking!
We will triumph through everything
With this in mind, I feel just fine
Sit back, relax, and just unwind
We’ll rule them all I just need

I want the power, I want the fame
I want to hear you all screaming our fucking name
When will you see?
This is our destiny
Take my hand, we’ll take control

Let’s take control!

We’ve got their backs against the wall
This world is ours, let’s take it all
We will not hold back
This is our attack
Its so fucked up
They crossed the line
Just wait
Payback will come in time
We’ll have their crowns
We’ll have their thrones
Under our feet will be their throats
Will be their throats
Your reign is over!

We’ll leave your body shaking
Your life’s ours for the taking
We are kings in the making!
When you lost your heart
I took your soul
So just stand back
I’m in control
I’m in control

Your rule is over
We rule them all
I wish you knew
How good it feels to watch you fall

I hope you
Just fucking know
How good it feels
To watch you fall

The Prophecy


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