This is the western coast of everything I know
The fatal flaw, the coming doom
This is why you breathe funny
When you try to fall asleep
Why you feel alone at your parents’ home, tar in your throat
Shining most everyone you know

Forced to play along with our hegemonic host
Hiding my opinions in plain colored clothes
Just waiting till their bored of their game
So you can sit them down, shut them up
Call their bluff, and tell them why you came

I’ve stopped defending all the powers that be
Cutting the leashes of our loans
Defriending corporatocracy, but I don’t know what to tell him
But ever since I met him I pretend that I’m not home

I’m selling ads on the windows of my soul
And privatizing all the good deeds I bestow
I’m selling my old journals praying that they can keep in tact my savings
That’s exactly why I’m saying that I don’t believe I can love anymore
No, I don’t believe I can love anymore

Honest I’ve lost my head or I’m pleased to be used to doubting the hope all this is for the better
At least your hanging with me, at the end of our rope

Breathe Funny


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