Long as it’s raining, you might as well stay
Sit on the carpet, sippin on chamomile, tell me your day
I know it’s hard but, at least try to explain
You woke up feeling older, disenchanted with the music you play
Catastrophically older, numb to the magic of holidays

Well I’ll tell you I woke up euphoric
Barely retaining the unified theory of basically everything
Wandered all day, with no one to tell
I’m afraid if I sleep that I might not remember it
It’ll send me back over the falls
But what with the heart break and healing I can’t say it’s anyone’s fault

Oh well I know your tired, and losing your faith
One last quest to find love, prove to us all its still worth the wait
Sit by bodies of water, and confide in the rain
I used to be scared, begging for answers or truths I could hold
But trust me, it’s moments like this that remind me there’s no need to know



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