But anyways, before I leave I wanted to say
Look where you please but you will not find a better friend than yourself
Nowadays, it’s fairly apparent, I suffer from severe disenchantment
I’ve made my bed with a nice pillow and no truth

But really it’s ok. Call me tomorrow
Put it into perspective and there’s no one to blame
It’s just one of those sins that comes with the moment
It’s out of our hands and over our heads, and that’s great
But where is the comfort? And what is the sure thing?
Now home is a luxury, I crawl up and sink in my love
See, heaven’s a let-down and God is exhausting
Us pseudo-intellectuals say this is why we need our vices

We’re doomed to be always in love with the fragile things
Chronically low on my gas and batteries while I’m battling the itch to be great
So this is the comfort, and this is the heart ache
Lesson learned as animals, everything else seems arbitrary



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