Far out of our element
And begging faulty wisemen to make sense of it
My elders say: It’s sad we’ve failed you
But now the planets in your hands
I’m not so sure the plan, while I’m sitting, thinking

Barred out in the bonus room, completely unconcerned with global destitute
Is this the proper man for your heirlooms?
All the answers come in masks, depending who you ask
That’s exactly why I don’t

Last night I
Drunk texted my brother, to tell him that we’re both fucked but I love him
Still he relates to my empty feeling inside
Wrote my ex lover, forgive her for finding faith in another
Still she elates my half that knows all is fine

I swear I’m not afraid of the world, I’m just afraid of the bank
And all this progress I don’t understand
Oh if I know all that’s precious to me, then the rest is just cake
I’m not opposed to living in my van

Fine Thanks


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