I’m not always tired, but I’m usually peopled-out
It won’t be long till I move on from this and gracefully bow out
It don’t take much to get along, I don’t need much to keep me strong
I don’t talk much, I’m better off hiding where you can find me
At my window, every morning
Driving for days, still exploring

The remnants of my five year plan are shorter than my attention span
I’m most always bluffing still my conscience weighs nothing more than a ghost
My love for adventure makes me a flakey friend at best
Profoundly sad to admit, I’ll never get better than this
Cause in the funny way I see, it’s better if I leave before
I hit my peak or my good luck dies
Won’t go to bed until I relearn to sleep on my side
And that’s the point of driving for days, never knowing

Still stuck in a full body yawn, a moment of calm
I’m standing face to face with a parody of myself
Hoping he don’t mind me asking

Why do you hate so much?
How did you chip your tooth?
How are you so sure of your purpose
And when did you know what’s best for you?
And why do you care so much?
What are you trying to prove?
Won’t you wake me from my daydream
When you leave for something new
I wanna come too

Full Body Yawn


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