I saw the best minds of my generation popsicle
Frozen all the same and slowly melting from the adderall
And always getting dragged around by gender roles
And zombie pharmaceuticals, the cubicle, the pay

She crossed her heart and clicked her heels, then got her stomach pumped
Before the misdemeanor should’ve seen her pretty face
And all the good vibrations are only making hollow hedonistic hours
Til the next giant earthquake

I’m sayin
Oh I’m here to tell you that the roofs about to break
So we can think of better problems to base our petty lives on
Like how to get the gas so we can fill this fucking tank
I’m taking off

I blame my free will, I blame my fate of course
I am hardly a man but still dreading my future divore
Yes I understand I’m only who I think they think I am
But God it gets confusing with my pendulum moods
And all this thinking gets lonely, so I trick myself into love and lie in heaps
With my lovely

Cause somewhere in the mess I swear it all becomes so meaningless
Bohemians in beamers, every rebel’s wearing Vans
And if I get too mellow I’ll ripen and rot, then grab the city
By the neck tie and pull myself back up

I’m sayin
Oh I’m here to tell you that the roofs about to break
I swear theres nothing I’m truly against, just overwhelmed and underdressed
Cause all our gums will bleed regardless of what we believe
I’m taking off



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