Otterpops In The Icebox

Otterpops In The Icebox

Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

I just watched the news for fifteen minutes
And goddamn, am I depressed
And I just spent an hour on fuckin’ Facebook
Until I realized that I couldn’t care less

And I keep fighting who we are, we’ve been, we’ve become
I can’t take it
Soon I’ll just sob
Not bleed nostalgia again

My role says I should sit up and take it
But somethin’ tells me I should do my best to fight it
Oh fuck

And I just spent another hour on the 55
Shelby fuckin’ Jacobsen was on my mind
Tried to convince her I’m a simple and happy guy
But I just came off as the nervous and neurotic type

Something’s wrong, my dear
When I don’t know if I’ll stand here in one year
And I keep havin’ all these thoughts of nihilism
And how truth is only relevant
Now I can barely brush my fuckin’ teeth

Now I’m from southern California
Where we say words like gay
And I don’t mean to offend
It’s just the way I was raised

Cause I’m always bein’ hunted
And take a stab at who I am
And I would say I don’t care
But I’m losing my friends

Bein’ force-fed what to believe in
Like politics and horoscopes
And cliché definitions of success
Telling me my time’s up
Big choice

Four year old inside of me
Just wants to go out and play

Through all this bullshit
I just wish someone would say

Come a little closer, we’ve got
Otterpops in the icebox, we’ve got
Milk and cookies by the TV
To make you feel alright

Otterpops In The Icebox


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