Post Graduation Oblivion

Post Graduation Oblivion

Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

I lied about my major to a stranger on the bus
I’m pretty sure I’m aging poorly and I surely peaked too early
I’m about to greet my bitter end, craving the estrogen and minimum comfort
But I can’t afford it
My head’s in Oregon, my feet in California
I prefer my chest pains over my daily headaches
I’ve outgrown most that I’ve known, and I’m scared to reminisce
So I believe in nothing, and never felt this uncertain of anything in my life
All panic aside, I actually kinda like it
My canvas is the Void
I paint meaning on the meaningless all damn day

But that gets lonesome, and therein lies your
Right to occupy my bedroom
I promise that I won’t make trouble I’ll just listen
Tell me about your family, tell me your role models
And tell me how your caught up working towards the wrong goals
And tell me do you notice this blistering bliss apparent in our thoughts?
Maybe you don’t, but I do
And after it I’m a sucker feeling sorry for everyone

Cheer up Paradise
I won’t let it drain the passion from our lives
Quit your pity sighs
Oh I’ve got this funny feeling we’ll be fine

Post Graduation Oblivion


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