Strange Euphoria

Strange Euphoria

Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

My nails are getting longer
Regardless of the roles I’m here to play
Or the Strange Euphoria that lines the day
Will my petty problems ever realize
There’s a code of conduct to spoiling my day
It’s sort of rude to barge in unexplained
My genes turned out to be quite appalling
I’m 22 and slightly balding

White elephants from the Unknown
Pick up your phone your Calling’s calling
And he longs to find you a Fate
That’s riddled by a gut feeling too vague
And I met a foe, better known, as the Tides of Infidelity

I would never show, she’d never know
How much it still fucks with me
I rake in every moment, drain the passion, drip a tear
Figure we’re declining like Romans
Bet your ass I’m shifting gears and taking
All my pillow, my thoughts, my failures
The four letter word she awoke just to tell me
And my mug, my lighter
My books on a flight to a clean
And well lighted place to settle down

Strange Euphoria


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