To a Friend On The Floor

To a Friend On The Floor

Walter Mitty And His Makeshift Orchestra

Sometimes you can’t fight the powers that be
You end up sleeping’ on your bathroom floor
But with the late April showers and the 4 AM breeze
At least you got a place that’s dry and warm
You got ahead of yourself and now you’re taking the toll
I’ll sit here indian style and sing you screeching weasel
All complications aside, you’re just a sick animal
So lay your head where it leads you

Sometimes I like to think there’s a place we all go
It’s filled with chocolate milk and Chips Ahoy
And with a good attitude we’ll be kickin’ it soon
And takin’ shots with Walt Disney
I called my mom today but it wasn’t too nice
She said thanks for the call, now get a grip on your life
I said I’m tryin’ so hard it’s just movin’ so fast
These kinds of things scare me shitless

And all of the while
I’ve got a friend on the floor
And I won’t leave until he’s countin’ sheep
And in his bed nice and warm
And all the barf is clean
I promise you’ll wake with a smile
‘Cause it happens to me once in a while
I’ll sing you songs ‘til you can open your eyes
Hold up your head, and tell me you’re fine

To a Friend On The Floor


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