Can't Come Back

Can't Come Back

Conchita Wurst

I don’t know if
All of me is on the same side
But it seems to be gone too far
I hold my breath I pause
I rethink and dive into
These eyes of yours somehow

I let my guards down
When with you
It seems you can call it
And I do

All of me is yours
It’s borderline me
It is more than time for me
To make you leave

And I can’t come back

It’s all or none with you
Oh boy
I’m gasping
Before we even set in
I’ve been on
And you’ve been off
Most times
We tread water
And you lean back

Oh I can’t come back

My head is in the clouds
While I feel
My body’s crashed down
Onto the ground
What is it with you
I ban reason
And fall
For your love
While falling apart
Oh my, oh my, my, my

I can’t come back

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