Jorja Interlude

Jorja Interlude


Tryna stay light on my toes
Just ran a light in a Rolls
Told me I’m lookin’ exhausted
You hit it right on the nose
I’m tired of all of these niggas
I’m tired of all of these hoes
Worried ‘bout taking my lane and ain’t even got on my road
They turn they back and they leave you
They gon’ be back when they need you
I practice good over evil
Flippin’ the script like a read through
Yeah, all of my brothers, we equal
I play my part too like a sequel
You tell your niggas you got them on anything
Question is do they believe you
‘specially when you never come through
So much hate inside your heart
We don’t even know what we done to you
We just know niggas getting run through
Never chase it, let it come to you
You out here tellin’ everybody everything, you niggas move like the one-two

[Jorja Smith]

And more chunes for your headtops, so watch how you speak on my name you know

Portland (ft Quavo & Travi$ Scott)


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