KMT (ft Giggs)

KMT (ft Giggs)


(Ness on the beat)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, okay, okay, okay

Demon just got out the can (Yeah)
I gave my bro an advance (Yeah)
Love is just not in my plans
Not even takin’ a chance
Studio right in my yaad
I’m doin’ ten in a week
How long I been on this streak?
Dream about work in my sleep (Oof)
Okay, I got a lock on the streets
Shoutout to T, he did three
And he brought it in ‘cause of me
You don’t know nothin’ ‘bout me
Life for my bruddas is deep
Long as they all on they feet
Long as they pockets is greaze (Greaze!)
I’m in the penthouse but still, nothin’ is sweet (yeah)
Dust a man down with the pen, it’s a sweep (Mmm!)
Taller in person, you’ll see when we meet
I heard your new shit and I’m kissin’ my teeth

You know dem ones? Hahaha
Yeah, ahh!

Bringin’ that dirty-dirty, bringin’ that certy (Certy)
Mizzy with the quick extension, ringin’ off thirty (Rah!)
I’ve got bitches in the merky, swervin’, lookin’ all curvy
And you already know I love them breasts, lookin’ all perky
Lookin’ all Christmas gift-wrapped, lookin’ all turkey
Spen jumped out the Ghost in a suit, lookin’ all churchy (oof!)
Fingers all itchin’, twitchin’, lookin’ all jerky (Jerky)
Whippin’ that white girl (Yeah?), cookin’ that Cersei (Dah!)
I was pushin’ that dark shit, pushin’ that charcoal (Yeah)
Now this is that big bad, this is Gustavo (Mmm!)
Look at them jokers, look at that arsehole
Man are gettin’ bread now, and this is that hard dough (Yeah)
Clap man, dominant murder
I’m a black man, government earner
Could’ve just slapped man, but he wanted it further (Why?)
Batman, da-na-na-da-na

October Firm

Portland (ft Quavo & Travi$ Scott)


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