No Long Talk (ft Giggs)

No Long Talk (ft Giggs)


Murda on tha beat so its not nice

[Verse 1: Drake]
That’s Baka, he’s a no long talka
Quick to let a motherfucking TEC slam
We don’t need to hear about a next man
Yutes talk down then they get ran
Left them, get dipped from the whole ends
Gilla call shots no questions
G-Way till I’m resting
But we still got love for the West End
If it’s a chit chat ting betta talk nice
Murda on the beat so it’s not nice
Skull gets hot then I’m not nice
You tryna date her and she been then let me walk twice
Now you got her on a diss ting
Just know mine like Chubbs he’s a fixer, if I ever got to fix tings
Just know mine life fifth, he’s a six god, you get tatted he don’t miss tings
Just know mine like me, I’m a Sixer and I oversee the whole thing
Yeah I pree the whole thing
Yeah I pree the whole thing
Pree gotta hurt talk, can’t see the whole thing
Niggas wanna talk splits, nah we need the whole thing

[Verse 2: Giggs]
Man get duppied when we touch a button
Man catch suckers then we’re touching suttin’
Man gets stuck in, yeah we’re stuckin’ suttin’
Man gets scrappy when we’re sucking suttin’
Man gets battered when we’re crushing suttin’
If man gets batted then we’re bucking suttin’
If man try and play then we’re chucking suttin’
If man start throwing then we’re chucking suttin’
I’m on the best side, got the tag-line and the whip
On the left side, i’m not different
Mac then and the flies and the text slides
Nothing shit that’s suttin’ I climbed out the X-Files
Text-book, like I’m so scooped, like I’m text style
You can help through, you should get smiles
One time grab a quick drink and she get swill sexy
And I read that and I sex style
Better grab a couple on ‘em
Like I didn’t got stuck on suttin’
It’s like a truck a suttin’
Spread like a [?] I’m ‘bout to [?] on suttin’
Mango [?] suttin’
On em

Bust, bust, bust

Portland (ft Quavo & Travi$ Scott)


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