Dry Cleaning

You can’t just come into my garden
In your football kit and start asking questions
About who lives here
Who’s asking?

It’s a memory of a café
That you loved
But you didn’t have anyone to take there
They had a sushi counter
And a counter that did pastries and mixed salads
In Hendon
I’m tall when I’m young
And I’m short when I’m old
I can’t change

A lonely job for forty-five a day
A lonely job for thrity-two a day
Just take it
Things are changing

Time to shut up old actors
Time to fix old pants
Time to get fed up
Telephone call comes through the wall
A sunny day with a grey sky
A wonky parking job for cheap chocolate mousse

Things are changing
Things are changing
You foil beast!
You foil beast
You foil beast

Talk to me in the bath

Strong Feelings


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