Dog Proposal

Dog Proposal

Dry Cleaning

Do you believe that hard work
Is what it takes to be successful?
I know it sounds bad, but I think
It’s one of the most misleading ideas

Emerging in the culture scape today
Hard work has very little to do with success
Open your phone and check your entrepreneurial channels

You’ll see motivational pictures
About working hundred hour weeks
Well, it only applies to those who are operating at a really basic level
It’s not your problem

Why are you so chuffed
You beat a team who were only promoted
To the Premier League just recently?
We’ve got more courage

More mettle than you prize ponies
Our centre back bought every traveling fan
A drink each at Christma
Duvet covers, branded gilet, big puffer coat

TV channel, baby seats, slim pint glasses
Home team tumblers, rubber coaster
Rubber keyring, Manchester United gnome

London woman on the phone
I’ve just started working in London
I’ve joined a gym, I’ve joined a gym close to the office
I’ve joined a gym, I’ve joined a gym close to the office

I’ve joined a gym
The key is routine
Fix regular times in your scheduled and stick to them
This year is the Cher year
Oh, fucking hell, okay
Okay, okay

Dog proposal
She’s written a
She’s written a dog proposal
For Wilma
So you should read it



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