Roots Music

Roots Music


Roots music combination
Sr. Wilson and koers in the building
Yeah man bless

Reload reload reload
I’m here to hit somebody
You dare not think you are superior to your neighbour
Living in a neighbourhood that gives you right to prosper
You better think twice before you hit the rock

Blessed are the poor
For theirs is the kingdom
Blessed are those who mourn
For they shall be comforted
Blessed are the meek
For they shall claim the whole earth

I n’ I we play
Reggae music all day
I n’ I we play
Roots music all day

We are stronger
We are vital
We are wiser now
We are younger

We on the way to the top
Love we a deal it nuh flop
Everybody’s got the right to deserve one chance
Nobody shoulda get shot

Bless everybody’s blessed up
Hold on nuh! Before you hit the rock
Simplicity in a life has no price
So nuh make yourself gwaan in a plot

This mama earth can be cruel
But never more than a man
We are running out of fuel
Tell me if there is a plan
Not everybody’s a rebel
But everyone a human
Think bout the goodness and follow the knowledge

Don’t get
Caught in foolish-ness

‘Cause babylon is a trap
Good over evil forever
And ever righteousness a we chat

We are stronger yea
Yes we are vital
We are wiser yea
Yes we are younger

For everything that he has done in our lives
Give thanks
We wake up inna da morning
Everyday we happy give thanks
Give thanks

Stop complaining bout the job that you don’t have
You don’t have
Give thanks
We full of a full of a full of a full
Of a full of a vibez we give thanks

The Sun and the Moon they’re shining just for us
Give thanks
Don’t worry bout tomorrow live your life now
Live your life now

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