Convince Me Otherwise

Convince Me Otherwise

Maroon 5

It’s been a minute, it’s been sometime now (it’s been a minute, woah, oh)
I wanna tell you, I need you right now (I wanna tell you, ooh, ooh)
You can’t convince me otherwise (convince me)
I know I, wouldn’t be surprised (surprise me)
If you tried to convince me otherwise, you know I
I can’t keep waiting, waiting for you
Ooh, woah
Waiting for you

Don’t get me started, it’s not my fault (I know, I know)
Oh darling, don’t get me started, it’s not my fault (fault, fault, fault)
Oh, would you convince me otherwise (convince me)
Oh, oh, surprise me (surprise me)
Now I need you to, convince me otherwise (oh, oh)

Can’t keep waiting for you
You know I will not
I won’t, I will
And now I don’t care (I can’t bе bothered)
I don’t care (I don’t carе)
I can’t keep waiting

Don’t do this to me (don’t do it to me, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, darling (my love)
Don’t do this to me



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