Galleon Ship

Galleon Ship

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

If I could sail a galleon ship
Long lonely rider cross the sky
Seek out mysteries while you sleep
And treasures money cannot buy

For you know I see you everywhere
A servant girl, an empress
My galleon ship will fly and fall
Fall and fly and fly and fall
Deep into your loveliness

And if we rise, my love
Before the daylight comes
A thousand galleon ships will sail
Ghostly around the morning Sun

As the city rises up
As the city rises up
As the city rises up
As the city rises up

For we are not alone, it seems
So many riders in the sky
The winds of longing in their sails
Searching for the other side

And if we rise, my love
Oh, my darling precious one
We’ll stand and watch the galleon ships
Circle around the morning Sun

Waiting For You


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