Pizza SD

In a peaceful world
The science took placed ahead
Ahead of the war, ahead of the diseases

And, in this world, there was a fox
A fox called Nyu

Everyday, Nyu stopped to watch the sunset,
It was a beautiful purple horizon,
And, after that, a quiet darkness,
Full of shinning stars.

Nyu caught himself lost counting the stars
Many, many times
He had a dream.
He wanted to enter his ship
And travel across the universe
Discovering many lifeforms
And beautiful places

One day, Nyu equipped his ship
And set course to the closest star

He identified lifeforms signal in a planet
A planet that, according to its people,
Was called Earth

He approached Earth with his spaceship
And, when he landed,
He saw a woman
Carrying her son in her arms
Asking for help

She said that
Some Andro-Ids has decided to take control of the Earth
And it’s been a nightmare since.

Then, our brave hero, Nyu, The SPACE FOX, decided to help.

With the technology in his spaceship
He found out that all the andro-Ids were commanded by a mothership, floating in space.

Then he said to the woman
“I’m going to free you now,
Just let me eat this power fruit.”

Space Fox


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