Don't Give A Fuck

Don't Give A Fuck

Rene Fellix

You bitch don’t know whos the man you be dealing with
I make money while you’re complaining on the streets
I do the shits that I like and you wish you could
You wanna take my place but I don’t think you should

I never though I would meet a fat bitch like that
I take shots like I learn with the queen of rap
You ain’t the teacher you are a big fat a lab rat
You can’t take my place they don’t want you back

Is that serious that you call the shits you make, art?
You are hilarious, you make laugh, but, you betta stop
You are begging for the things I never gave a fuck
The time is flying you ain’t winning you betta hury up

Don’t give a fuck about these bitches trying to pull me down
Every time I hear they speaking I just turn around
Cause I dont wanna hear what they have to talk ‘bout
I’m getting a lot of checks and what about you now

You see me winning and I see you screaming wow
Get out my way cause I’m destroying what you are doing now
This is your end, I’m realy sorry, I’m coming get the crown
It’s only Rey writing this shit so sit your ass down

Maybe you don’t know the things but i’mma tell you
Bitches can’t fight me, they can’t take me to the round two
Soon as I wake up you take the L, bitch you just loose
Your ship sink but my ship just cruise

I pay my bills, live my life and you’re getting mad
Too confident I ain’t afraid you need to step back
Is not hard to get it I don’t need a life hack
You’re so jealous, it’s on your face you want my money stack

You have no beauty i can call you a trash bag
Don’t need no frauds I’m too good and you can’t handle that
I write my code, I know my shits, I write my own rap
Don’t make diss I make hits and diss you on that

If you ever thought I’d be the one to help you
You got it wrong I never help bitch that been fool
We could be friends I swear tried to make this shit be good
Don’t colabore, I was a threat, that shit got you confuse

Don’t know why these bitches thought I would never say
You are so dumb and youre digging your own grave
you ain’t the king, you a bitch and wish the fame
You had the money but you lost all your close friends

You are the type of bitch that I am getting really tired
Don’t need to fake I can see you just keep lying
you wanna go against me you betta keep trying
Who tried before are those I’m seeing dying

Can you understand to have friends you need to be cool
I wonder how your man can still be with you
You been a bitch I don’t have time for your bulls
You’re paranoid, don’t need no fake I can tell the truth

Never Ever Give Up (ft Renan Felix)


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