Tahiti 80

I’ve thought about this for a long time
I’ve been getting no sleep at night
One day I’m sure I’ll forget all about it
Might even make me smile

I guess you crashed my heart at the worst time
You left a bitter taste in my mouth
I don’t wanna spend the rest of my days
Drinking cheap red wine

Tell me what to do
Cos I don’t know what to do
You said do what’s good for you
That’s all you gotta do
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Tell me what to do
Cos I haven’t got a clue
You said do what’s good for you
That’s what I would do
If I were you
Oh yeah, oh yeah!

Oh, I thought I’d given it all away
Ain’t that what lovers are supposed to say
One day you came round with a knife
Cut out a chunk of my life


Sometimes I wish I had a yellow jersey on
While wearing, I’m pretty sure that nothing would go wrong
I would tackle all my troubles and be the one who scores the goal
but now I’m sitting on the bench waiting for my time to come


Fire Escape


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