Life made sense when I opened my eye
I realized there’s a lot to fix
Ants working hard for some shit hive
Ideals made in a cold concrete

How much you willing to pay?
Break the chains that made you stuck
How much you willing to pay?
Find a way to heal your wounds
How much you willing to pay?
Or you will never taste the freedom
How much you willing to pay?

People struggling for the crumbs on the floor
This life seems life a stupid game
Hypocrisy-shaped unconscious mind
Don’t u see that we’re all the same?

What’s the meaning beside breathing?
Where’s the chest we’all looking for?
Is it worth all this pain?
I was told to be fluid like water needs to rain

Sowing all their seeds inside my head
Until I was freed from their grasp
I learned that the change
Must come from within
So how much are you willing to pay?

Here’s your chargeback!

Now no one can stop us
Let’s claim autonomy from these pathetic cunts
Desire to win set you free from the dome
Don’t be a puppet, we only live once

Wasted Warriors


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