The Valley

The Valley

Wildwood Kin

Though I may fall like a leaf in the autumn
My mind may grow weary
Thoughts become frozen
Like frosty blue ocean
So I think about a nation
And what happened on that day
When my darkness was taken away

If I fall like a leaf in the autumn
My heart may be saddened
But joy comes with the next Sun
Shadows are all gone
Winter’s been forgotten
Now a new love will come
That will never be broken

Call me to a valley
Sing out loud and clearly
Echos will touch the broken
Spirits will be woken
And they’ll run into the horizon
Just to break free into dancing
A new love has come
That will never be broken

Hold me still, still from the wind
Through my battles show me the way
Lead me like a blossom
Down a river from a mountain
And help me find my place
In the warmth of your embrace



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