Dry Cleaning

Brrring brrring, brrring brrring, brrring
Brrring, hello?

I can only live in isolation, Fast and furious live
Followed by another porn account on instagram
Am I on a date right now? Is this a date?

I come across strange
He’s saying be yourself
But if I’m myself
I come across strange
My jokes don’t land, people say, what’s that? Pardon?
Hm mmm
Hmmm mmm

Brrrrrp brrrrrp, brrrrrp brrrrrp, brrrrrp
Brrrrrp, hello?
Oh hey yeah, sure, yeah, that would be nice
Yeah definitely
See you then

Emailed by the takeaway
Emailed by the takeaway again
Hm mmm

Magic Of Meghan


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