New Job

New Job

Dry Cleaning

Fa, fa, fa
Fa, fa, fa
Fa, fa, fa

But you were listening to me talk about making art
And you seemed really interested
And then we both went to the toilet
And then I came back and you were leaving

I thought you liked me
But maybe I was just a captive audience
You did seem a bit bored when I was talking

You had a birthday party
And you didn’t invite me
I feel so hurt

Fa, fa, fa
Jimmy and Olga love forever
Fa, fa, fa
Fa, fa, fa

No. No mate
It’s not that kind of party
We’ve got to get to know each other
What’s your favorite book Steve?

That’s a good question
I think it would be The Count of Monte Cristo
Can you walk on the tracks?
No, no. People can’t walk on the tracks
Only trains can walk on the tracks

Who are they?
They’re workmen fixing them
Sometimes they get broken

Fa, fa, fa
Jimmy and Olga, love forever
Fa, fa, fa
Jimmy and Olga, love forever
Fa, fa, fa

The longer we go on like this
The more burnt the dinner will be, Paula
I found a pretty plastic indicator lens
On the walk to your flat
I could give it to you as a gift

But oh, yeah
It’s me who collects plastic
Haha it wasn’t a snake after all, phew!
It was just a pile of mushrooms growing
In the shape of a snake

Magic Of Meghan


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