I see my image reflected in the ice
It’s melting, the water is running
And my reflection fades away, but it still exists
Transcending the light, just is not present in this reality

I feel my own presence
But it’s being controlled by another consciousness
Similar, and diferent, we are interconnected
Invisible chains attached to our bodies

(Am I reliving a past moment?)

Throughout the parallel world, I’m taking the form of a spectrum
For my spirit to sail through the river’s passage
So I can reach beyond the stars
And from there I can see the dust shine

Intermundane creatures, under the eyes of my spiritual siblings
I feel your energy
I feel my omnipresence
But I don’t possess the gift of omniscience

(Evolves according to the advance of the most beautiful creatures
Evolves according to the advance of the most grotesque creatures)

(Evolves as the course of the river
Evolves as the course of the wind)

Nothing can hold me
I am everywhere
I am the destructive Aura
I am the conforting darkness
I am the necessary energy explosion for the birth of a new creature
At the same time as I am the lack of energy needed for its death

I am the nature
I am Legion

Soul Lost In Oblivion


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