When Death Engulfs The Spirit

When Death Engulfs The Spirit


Drowned in sorrow
Suffocated in sadness
However this no more affects me

Through the melancholy fields I cross without hesitation
Astonished spirits enclosures me
Hoping to find the freedom of their earthly prisons

I remain steady, looking forward with a single thought
What was the meaning of this futile existence?
But none of this matters anymore
Once death engulfed the spirit

I’m surrounded in blank
Would this be the true peace of soul?
Or only the void characterized by the epilogue of existence?

I continue in reflection
Even though it’s a meaningless action
Perhaps it is, unintentionally, an attempt to find hope
To relive past moments

Depart from this emptiness
And rediscover this little tie of hope

Surrounded in blank
Nothing else matters
Once death engulfed my spirit

Nothing matters
Death engulfed my spirit (my spirit)

Soul Lost In Oblivion


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