Dangerous Time

Dangerous Time


Crimes make headlines and souls
People live and die in the cold
Little perspective
We don’t have harmony
Everything is broken

We are living in dangerous times
We don’t know who we can trust
We are alone
We have no company
All is upside down
We are the children of an endless war
Good people who fall
And we resist day after day
Living in dangerous times

We hide in the rubble of conflicts
Life has become shallow
We don’t have voice
Nor someone to call
We’ve been erased

This crazy chess game
We can be bishops or horses
Nothing else matters
It’s just a damn machine
That must profit

Every hour that passes children die from hunger
Hunger, thirsty of justice
Justice that should give equal rights to everyone
We all claim our right to be bor, to live and die
Without having to face these challenging situations
That we watch silently and abstracted having no attitude
As we live in a ever more (and more) dangerous time



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