When The Sky is Over

When The Sky is Over


I’ve come from far away lands
God knows what I’ve done
Maybe justice is a lie
One more step to die
I pray and I look at the sky
I live for my sins
Living night and day
One more time to wait

Fighting in other lands
There is no escape
If this is my only way
I’ll never know
I try to look at the sky
I hear crying and screaming
Living for living for nothing
Today is just another day

Heart beats
Gun shots
It seems the end of time
Bloody swords
In fallen hands
At the sand

Far away, there is no escape
I believe that maybe I’ll never die
This way I’ll always carry on
This is the fate that rules my soul

Feel this smell
Freedom is in the air
My heart is full of pain
And I’ll leave you on this path

When I need to go away
When the sky is over
On this evil way
I will understand

My mission ended now
I’m leaving for other land
I want some peace
I want a bit some of everything
This is my only way of living
This is my destiny
Living for an ideal
Fighting to the death



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